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We bring stories to life through 3D Animation

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Find stories of familiar experiences informed by faith

3D Animated Character from Daz Studio, black man, bald with large beard


As we go on this journey to bring our stories to life through 3D Animation, we often share what we learn with you through tutorial videos and blogs. A lot of what we share deals with bringing characters to life via Daz Studio and Blender 3D.

Daz To Blender Workflow

Daz Studio has beautifully detailed 3D Characters, but Daz Studio may not be the ideal application to rig, animate, and render those characters. Our playlists show several methods for doing so in Blender 3D.

Real Faces on 3D Characters

We look at a couple of methods of how to create 3D Characters based on real faces.

Original Creations

Every now and then, we have the pleasure of introducing original animations such as this one. All rendered in Blender 3D using Daz Studio characters.

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Headshot of 3D character based on William Whitfield

Small Samples of Our 3D Work

Taking a Barbie Doll and turning it into a fully realized 3D Character

3D Doll conversion

FaceGen Artist Pro

We could make 3D characters of real people as well with FaceGen and transferring those face scans into Daz Studio.

Comparison picture of William Whitfield as a real photo and a 3D character from FaceGen
Will Whitfield
W3 Productions Founder

FaceGen to Daz to Blender

The Morpher in this scene is actually a 3D scan of a physical prop (MMPR Legacy Morpher)

Animated Tommy Oliver in Anime Style using his Dragon Morpher to transform into the Green Power Ranger


Using 3D assets in Blender to get that 2D cel-shaded look. 

Goo Engine
Blender 3.6 branch