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Creating A 3D Animated Story You Will Love


You have a concept that needs animation. That’s great! W3 Productions can make that a reality. We would love to make your 3D Animated Story.

3D Animated Story Process

If you study the strategies of large companies, then you can see that 3D animation is a key tool in marketing success.

First, we want to hear your vision. Then we can collaborate on how to express it in the form of a 3D Animated Story.

After everything is in agreement, we gather some of the necessary 3D assets to create an initial storyboard or draft of the video.

As we navigate through the process of bringing your stories to life, we use several tools to create 3D Animated Stories that you will love. In addition, great-looking characters come from Daz Studio. Rendering, which you will hear more about, is completed in Blender. Because people respond better to characters with life-like movements, we also use Perception Neuron for body motion capture. We acquire 3D assets from a variety of reputable content stores which will give you the highest quality product for your 3D Animated Stories.

If you have vocal or physical performances to provide, then we have a variety of motion capture tools to help with that.

Next, we move on to creating a draft that should more closely resemble the final draft, also making small changes and revisions if necessary.

Rendering your story

Every time we create a draft, it’s done through a process called rendering. Rendering processes information to create a series of images (or frames). Those frames then create the video. Typically, videos are created with 24, 30, or 60 frames per second. Now, multiply one of those numbers by how many seconds of animation will be in your video. You can see that there will be a LOT of frames. Additionally, individual frames can take a computer anywhere from seconds to dozens of minutes or more to render.

Sometimes you will be working on a short time schedule, which we appreciate and respect. For this reason, we will often use what’s called a render farm, which is a collection of computers that we can rent to make the rendering process faster.

Let’s create Your 3D Animated Story

As you can see, a lot goes into this whole animation process, but we are here to walk with you through this journey. Ultimately, our process focuses on telling stories, which is the first thing to remember in this journey. Contact us today via the Contact page and let’s get started.


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