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Think About This – Where Animation And Faith Meet

This is where animation and faith meet, but for the moment, we want to focus on your faith. You might be here for animation tutorials, or hopefully, you saw something cool. You probably didn’t come here for religion. But consider tomorrow for a moment. What is YOUR hope for tomorrow?

Is that hope placed in your fellow man? Is it in a set of rules made by your fellow man? Is that hope in a political party that doesn’t know your name? Is it in a distant deity with no purpose set for you? Is it in something that has no means to forgive your sin?

There is a God that loves justice and hates evil. He lets us do as we will but wants more for us, more for you. Maybe you’ve heard of this God of the Bible but can’t reconcile what the Bible says versus the behavior of some people or nations that call themselves Christian. I hear you; it can be discouraging. However, God is not the same thing as the people that make a claim to follow God, and there’s no final exam to certify who is a Christian and who is not. What’s more important is you and your relationship with God.

Right now, this site doesn’t have advertisements, and we have nothing to sell. What’s more important is your relationship with God. Please give it some thought.