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Powerful Animated Poetry – The Lady And The Gentleman Are Dead


A Daz to Blender Animation to accompany the poem, The Lady And The Gentleman Are Dead, by the fantastic De’Borah Raquel. An animated poetry video is the first for W3 Productions but hopefully the first of many more.

We aren’t here to say that things should go back to a specific period as no era is perfect or ideal. However, we should publically and privately hold each other and ourselves to a higher standard. We should treat each other with love, not contempt. We should look out for each other, not our own self-interest.

Let’s not celebrate disrespect.

The Animated Poetry Video

Let’s make better choices of who we associate with, romantically or otherwise. The people we choose to get close to can have life-altering impacts.

The Poem

“The Lady and The Gentleman Are Dead
The days of the lady and the gentleman
Have long been over
Gone are the days of chivalrous actions
Like young men walking young women to class
Men holding doors open for women

Or even opening the car door for a woman to get in…
The Lady and the Gentleman are dead

There was once a time when a woman was a lady
When her virtue was a thing to be cherished
But now our young girls have fallen to the fits of folly
Kissing one young man goodnight
While another young man awaits her company
Again I say…
The Lady and the Gentleman are dead

Gentlemen used to be held to a standard
A fierce thing to behold
But now our young men have retarded to disrespectful boys
With their pants sagging low
Sleeping with as many girls as possible to fulfill their self worth
But spreading disease while acting ignorant of their status…
The Lady and the Gentleman are dead

Young girls slash your tires
And bust the windows out your car
Stand on your front lawn shrieking about the chic on your Instagram
That you said was just your friend or your cousin
When you knew that she wasn’t
And you wonder why she’s mad…
The Lady and the Gentleman are dead

Little boys throw up gang signs
Swear to rep their set ’til they die
Bodies lie in the street outlined in chalk
With a perimeter of yellow caution tape keeping the family back
Because your boys and them sold you outlined
But y’all still proclaim that it’s them girls who ain’t loyal when in fact
The Lady and the Gentleman are dead

Let’s see if we can’t resurrect them one more time
Let’s see if males and females can raise their little boys and girls
To become ladies and gentlemen once again…
It is my prayer that they can”

In Closing

We hope you enjoyed this animated poetry video as much as we enjoyed making it. Let us know how you feel in the comments below or our Contact page. Until later.

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